I documented an event that was then translated into a digital experience and then created a new event based on that digital experience. The “event” that I chose was an eclipse, using human bodies to represent celestial ones. To interpret this in the digital realm, I created a game of sorts in which a user could press on the keys “E,” “M,” and “S,” to control Earth, Moon, and Sun, respectively.

To bring this back into the physical, I had to pin down what exactly got manipulated in that first translation—which was the way movement occurred. Everything was very free flowing in the first, bodies moving autonomously on a predetermined path. The same movement occurred in the digital, but was now regimented and controlled by an outside user. In the final translation, human bodies now moved at the request of an electronic voice, to mimic that outsider influence which occurred in the digital experience. 

There was a clear evolution of ideas in this project. I resolved one, which influenced the next, then influenced the next. I took this step by step approach while keeping in mind that my overall goal was to understand the interaction between our digital and physical experiences.

Starring Morgan Donn as the sun, Georgica Pettus as the earth, and yours truly as the moon. Featuring the song “Forever” by Pete Drake.