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I’m not sure where I’m headed but I’m a designer here working on brand identity. I’m also a cook at this restaurant. I’ve previously worked here and there and on this. I will be graduating from here this May. The last place I traveled to was Holland, but before that I went here

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Small World 

This photo series expands upon my interest in the idea of strangers. I wanted to visually capture the “it’s a small world” metaphor. One person from each photo exists in the next photo with a new person. That new person then exists in the following image, and so on. This creates a network of individuals whose lives indirectly connect. The series doesn't necessarily have a beginning or an end. 

Starring Hannah Onek, Angie Tufariello, Olivia Cranney, Alyssa Klemmtz, Emily Buttner, Elle Necoechea, Jacqueline Johnsson, Morganne Elkins, and Tatiana Borie.