Chromasome Magazine 

Chromasome was a collaborative color study. It was created, designed, and produced by Georgica Pettus and myself. Each installation of the project served as a platform of interpretation of a color. Contributors were encouraged to question their conceptions of color and share their explorations in a medium of their choosing. We produced three iterations of Chromasome: red, green, and blue. Red and green manifested in the form of an 8” by 10” printed booklet, while blue exists as a video.

Above are some spreads from the red issue that I produced content for and designed. I also wrote this poem for the issue: 

I hate
Hate’s a bad word. We don’t use the word hate in this house
I hate how we all walk the streets with our headphones in 
I hate how people rarely meet randomly anymore 
I hate how people meet through a screen 
I hate how I defaultly check my phone when I’m near it 
I hate that I don’t speak up more 
I hate how movies and tv shows have set unrealistic standards that give me false hope 
I hate how scared I get by the things that terrify me 
I hate how little I read 
I hate the feeling of being too full 
I hate how lonely I get 
I hate that it is a race to be first rather than a rush to share 
I hate that I missed out on “typical high school experiences”
I hate that I hate that 
I hate how I start to shake when I try to talk to you 
I hate how my words come out differently than my thoughts 
I hate that sometimes I don’t know what I feel 
I hate that social media makes people do things they wouldn’t do otherwise 
I hate that I can recall a photo you posted twenty weeks ago 
I hate how the world is driven by money 
I hate that a coffee can cost six dollars 
I hate how soap burns when I get it in my eye 
I hate wasting time 
I hate just getting through a day to get through it 
I hate that I’m not more spontaneous 
I hate that the world hates 
I hate that I hate 
I hate that hate exists 
Sorry I said hate

We created five vertical promo videos to post on Instagram stories during the week leading up to the release of the red issue. Each video focused on a different idiom about the color red. Together, the five videos tell the story of us on a scavenger hunt to find the magazine. These videos were filmed and edited by Evan Kovach. 

This is a flyer I designed for the launch party. We printed out a bunch and placed them around LA.

Some of the main themes that dominated the green issue were camouflage, youth, and cycles. Below are some of the spreads in the green issue that I produced content for and designed. 

Georgica and I started off both the red and green issues by taking road trips to the desert to figure out what we wanted to say about the color. Those became the series “Not Joshua Tree” and “Not Zzyzx” respectively. But we took a different approach to the blue issue. 

Inspired by blue light produced from screens, we wanted to focus on technology for the blue issue. We were drawn to how unnatural blue is—we found blue to be homogeneous to technology. We feel that the more we experience technology, the faster we lose our ability to communicate and interact with each other in real life. We wanted to represent this analogy through a medium that depended on technology itself.

The video is structured on a set of questions that get increasingly more emotional and human centered. Humans ask technology a lot of questions, but it cannot adequately answer the ones about human emotion.

This video was filmed by Madeleine Mendell and edited by Georgica Pettus. There was no physical, printed booklet made for the blue issue.