I’m not sure what I’ll do next but I’ve done this1, this2, this3, that4, this5, this6, this7, this8, this9, this10, this11, this12, and that13.

I’m not sure where I’m headed but I’m a designer here working on brand identity. I’m also a cook at this restaurant. I’ve previously worked here and there and on this. I will be graduating from here this May. The last place I traveled to was Holland, but before that I went here

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I worked with Elle Necoechea—a student at NYU’s Gallatin School of individualized Study focusing on feminism and art history—on developing a name and identity for her new podcast series. Re:Collection is a feminist reimagining of art history that will manifest in multiple, extremely thorough and articulate episodes. By constructing a verbal narrative of her in depth research, Elle reveals new connections to present an alternative historical perspective. 

For an assigment in my Professional Practice course this fall, I was tasked with designing a graphic tee that defines the area of communication design I will practice in. In my case, that is graphic design.

The design for my shirt emphasizes the critical approach I hope to always take with my work, where content cannot be mutually exclusive from context. The way in which an audience will receive the work must be considered in the development of what the message being sent will say. With this perspective, a lot of my works tends to be quite meta—just like this shirt addressing the assignment that made it exist. 

Treating the front of this tee like a document, the surface becomes a worksheet, of sorts. The blank space between “Strategy” and “Deliverables” leaves room for ideas, space for exploration. One may draw on the surface of the shirt as desired.

The placement of the three different steps in my process proves that I get right to work on an assignment, spend a significant time addressing the brief and strategizing the best way to satisfy it, before delivering the final output.